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staging that sells

You’re ready to list a home and want to get top
dollar for it.

But you’ve got a mountain of work to do before you can do that, and have no idea where to start. We'll identify and implement the level of staging that your property needs to look pristine, move-in ready, and poised for sale so that you can...

  • Avoid a 5-7% price reduction on your listing
  • sell the home faster and for more money
  • move into your new space easier because you’ll have purged and simplified your belongings 

How We Can Work Together


If you know you’ll be listing your home for sale, whether it’s next week or next year, it’s never too soon to get started to prepare your home for professional photography and ultimately your buyer. In fact, staged homes sell weeks faster than non-staged homes, and sell for closer to, or at, asking price. If your home feels dark, dated or cluttered in your listing photos, you won’t see the traffic you deserve. 

During out time together, I'll create a plan for your home to bring it to “pristine move-in condition” - so buyers know in the 3-seconds after they enter your front door that they want to move through the rest of the home.

Through space planning, decluttering furniture and possessions, art placement, paint color suggestions and general decor updates, your home will be the fastest selling home in the neighborhood.

How this works:
  1. Schedule your Staging Consultation via the green link below.  As long as you are within 30 minutes drive from Lafayette Hill we're good to go!
  2. You’ll get my “Setting The Stage For Selling Your Home,” checklist to begin to prep your home for sale.
  3. During the consult, I will review your exterior and interior thoroughly.  I will take detailed notes for you to keep.  We will walk through together and review those notes.
  4. You will walk away with a detailed plan, including paint revisions and shopping lists (perhaps!) so that you can get your home ready for professional photography and listing!


If you’re looking for a staging pro to come to your home for up to 5 hours to help arrange light furniture, reorganize your spaces, perhaps do some decor shopping so that your professional photography really sells your rooms - then this service is for you!

This can be a great follow up service to a Staging Consultation where the home seller needs some of the finishing details done for him or her.

The Staging Day With The Pro is custom-tailored to your needs:

- style your space for professional photography

- arrange bookshelves that are not photo-worthy

- declutter critical areas that will be prime photography shots

- remove artwork/personal decor items that are not going to appeal to home buyers

- Shopping for those finishing details like pillows, silks, lamps, throws, and fresh bedding that help buyers really relate to how they want to live

How this works:
  1. Schedule the Staging Day With The Pro via the green link below.  As long as you are a 30 minute drive from Lafayette Hill, we're good to go!
  2. . You’ll receive “Setting The Stage For Selling Your Home,” checklist to start preparing your home for sale.
  3. I'll call you to review your needs and goals, maybe we'll share some photos beforehand, and we will create the best plan to sell your home quickly and for the most money

Staging coaching - $495

Maybe you’re a realtor who wants to add staging to the mix of your listing services?  Or you've always had an eye for what a room should look like and think staging would be a great career, I am happy to share my ten years of knowledge and know-how with you.

This service is open to anyone in any part of the country.

For 1 1/2 to 2 hours your training will include topics such as:  do I need a warehouse and inventory, how to handle hard topics (smelly basement, dogs and cats, religious references) when staging someone’s home, how to recommend paint colors and what are the best colors, and more.

You will receive my proven successful intro and explanation to home sellers on why Staging is such an important part of the sales process.  You will understand how to depersonalize the process so the home seller is not intimidated.

How this works:
  1. Schedule the Staging Coaching Session via the green link below.
  2. We can meet on FaceTime, Zoom, phone, or you can meet with me in person in my design office in Lafayette Hill
  3. You will receive a copy of my “Setting The Stage For Selling Your Home,” for your own use in your staging business. This is a comprehensive, 5-page checklist that helps home sellers stage their homes with an immediate list of action items.
  4. We can record the call for your future reference.


If you’re a Realtor and have a new listing that needs some major staging help, or would just like to make more money, increase your listings, and close those listings faster, staging coaching is for you. Oftentimes, a new listing has some major challenges, like the musty basement smell or a purple master bedroom, but you’re not sure how to address these with your home sellers without offending them. You know that staging services are the answer.

While working together, you can see how a staging consultation is handled in order to fold that additional service into your business. We’ll put our heads together after the consult to discuss other aspects of staging so that you have the training needed to add Staging to your listing services. You can even record the consult to refer to it later.

How this works:
  1. Schedule the Coaching Day With The Pro via the green link below.  Ideally this is coordinated with your client for a face to face staging consultation with your listing.
  2. You’ll get “Setting The Stage For Selling Your Home,” a 5 page detailed checklist for you to use with your clients so that they can get the ball rolling preparing their home for sale.  You will have this valuable document to use in your staging and real estate business.
  3. We will meet before and after (lunch is on me!) to discuss my 4-pronged approach to a staging consultation.
  4. There's nothing more valuable than seeing how a pro works.  In our 5 hours together, you'll take away valuable experience and useful tools to build your staging business.

Holley is an integral part of why my listings sell so quickly.

“Holley Pokora has been part of my marketing plan to sell homes quickly for years. Her professionalism in dealing with my clients who often become her clients is unparralled. I love it when they say Holley said to do this or "what would Holley think about this?" If you are a Realtor you cannot go wrong with adding Holley to your marketing plan!”

- Jane Maslowski, Keller Williams

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Find out the true cost of a home renovation

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